Larry Heard - Genesis (Vinyl)

Larry Heard - Genesis (Vinyl)

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1 - "Genesis" [6:37]
2 - "Missing You" [6:36]
3 - "Love Theme 2001" [4:42]
4 - "Lunar Gases" [5:34]
5 - "Interlaced Expressions" [6:12]
6 - "Kaleidoscopic Events" [11:22]
7 - "Serene" [5:24]
8 - "Fantasy" [6:37]
9 - "Rain" [6:19]
10 - "Comfort" [7:07]
11 - "Ominous Sky" [2:49]

Notes from Larry Heard:
Over-all, the entire "Genesis" project is best listened to via headphones with good high and bass response.. dim or colored lighting adds to the sonic experiences.. these are the first compisitions/recordings that I worked on after I put a small setup together in Memphis in 1998 and 1999. I was happy with the futuristic and polished atmospheres on what would eventually become the title selection "Genesis" and on "Lunar Gases." "Missing You" is a personal favorite. I don't know how ready I was to sing anything around this time, but I was happy with how it came out. Another favorite is "Love Theme 2001" which has kind of a "future-black-exploitation-movie" mood.

"Interlaced Expressions" works well with landscapes if you have to make long drives...

"Kaleidoscopic Events" some kind of "future-psychadelic" thing...

"Serene" the title IS the explanation... good for long drives.. makes you think and observe the surroundings..

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Larry Heard
All selections Published by: Alleviated Music (ascap)
Executive Producers: Larry Heard, Rene M. Gelston.
* released via arrangement with MECCA Recordings, U.K.

p & c - 1999 Alleviated Records & Music.


Artist: Larry Heard
Label: Alleviated Records
Title: "Genesis"
Catalog #: ML-9012
Year: 1999
Format: Vinyl LP

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